Benefits Of A Monitored Alarm System

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So you’ve heard about monitored alarm systems as a choice for your home and then you want to know more…

This post presents Blake’s top benefits associated with a monitored system with Police response and will enable you to decide whether it is best for your family!

1. No need to rely on the kindness of strangers
You must have heard the fable about the boy who cried wolf…

Similar to that story, if you often experience false alarms, your neighbours won’t bat an eye when they hear it ringing for real!

They’ll assume it’s another false alarm and may even place in a noise complaint! Meanwhile, there could be a stranger ransacking your individual belongings! click here for more details

A monitored alarm system means you don’t have to rely on the kindness of good Samaritans – your alarm will never be ignored. Whether it’s a false activation or a real emergency, the monitoring station will be alerted. They will ascertain the situation and arrange an immediate Police despatch if needed.

2. Monitored alarm systems offer Police response
High-quality monitored systems that are compliant with police requirements meet the criteria for immediate Police response.

The time that is saved with this direct connection via the monitoring centre may mean the difference between catching the criminal and arriving too late.

Police response does not come with systems installed by locksmiths, handymen or non-approved security companies.

You are required by the Police to work with an NSI Gold or SSAIB-approved company to get this privilege.

When you do, you are registered and get yourself a Unique Reference Number (URN), that is only issued to approved companies that supply reliable systems. The Police response is merely guaranteed when alarm activations result from a system producing a URN.

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3. Your home will become a higher risk for potential thieves
Burglars like easy targets. Homes with monitored systems aren’t worth the risk of getting caught. When the alarm is tripped, the monitoring station will be alerted.

Using an intercom system they are able to listen in on what’s going on in your house and even speak via an integrated music device. So there’s no chance of the burglar going un-noticed.

4. Avoid noise complaints from unhappy neighbours
If your alarm doesn’t have a 20-minute cut-out, once police have taken reasonable steps to contact the key holder, noise regulations declare that Police could use a magistrates warrant to enter your home to silence the alarm.

Customers with a monitored security alarm don’t have to worry about noise complaints. Instead, the machine alerts the acquiring centre operator, allowing him or her to quickly determine the situation and deactivate the alarm without the need to enter the home – win, win!

5. Beyond break-ins
Home security is much more than concern about burglary. If incorporated in to the design, a monitored system can also send alerts about fires or other emergencies in the house.

Although not standard, security systems can be upgraded to include fire protection and immediately alert and dispatch the Fire Brigade.

6. What is the true cost of peace of mind?
In many instances, the amount spent on a monitored security alarm can be offset with a reduction in your insurance premium – it is certainly worth contacting your insurance carrier. But when thinking about the excess cost of a monitored system over one without monitoring, consider the real cost of peace of mind.

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