What to Expect at a Dog Daycare

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Your dog is an integral part of your loved ones, but unfortunately, he doesn’t always get to come on your loved ones trips. Sometimes the hotels don’t allow pets, or Great Aunt Nelda is allergic, or your pet gets so carsick, it’s not worth even attempting a road trip.

Finding the right Boarding Kennel Located in MD for your pet
Whatever your reason behind leaving Spot behind, you should know that he’s looked after the proper way throughout your vacation. Sometimes finding a neighbor or in-home dog sitter is the greatest route for your dog’s needs, but also for most dogs, dog boarding is the way to go.

Pros of Dog Boarding

Overnight dog boarding has a lot of benefits over in-home dog sitting. For one, your dog will have constant supervision, which means that he won’t tear apart the couch cushions because he’s bored. In addition, it takes a load off your shoulders because you understand that there’s always someone there to monitor him. Trained staff know what to consider if your pet has a health emergency, and a good boarding kennel will have fast access to quality veterinary care should the need arise.

The staff at dog boarding kennels also give your pet attention and stimulation each day, as well as your dog has the option to socialize with other dogs. Some local dog kennels also offer optional training programs to help your pet learn tricks and manners!

What should I look for in an excellent kennel?

With so many different kennels in the phone book, it can feel overwhelming to choose one, however your pup’s life and happiness are literally in their hands, which means you shouldn’t take your choice lightly. This is a listing of what to look for when you’re doing your research:

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Utah County requires that dog kennels have a valid kennel license and a valid business license on display all the time. The kennel license means that your pet will maintain a clean, safe, healthy, and adequately spacious environment during his stay. The business enterprise license shows that the business enterprise is up to standard and can be an additional safeguard for your dog. You could also check along with the BBB to see if there have been any negative reports about the business side of things.


The staff ought to be the the next thing that you observe closely. All of the people who work there should be knowledgeable, but also kind and patient. You should be competent to inquire further questions, and they should be requesting questions right back. Since you tour the facility, the employee should be asking about your dog’s temperament, interests, health background, and other pertinent details. If they’re not acting interested, that needs to be a red flag.

Additionally, the staff-to-dog ratio should be only possible, but only one employee for 10 dogs at the same time. Any longer than that as well as your dog won’t have the care or attention he must remain healthy and happy.


Before you leave your treasured pooch at a kennel, you should go for a tour to get a feel for the area. A respectable kennel enables you to tour anytime, and you ought to be wary if indeed they request you to make a scheduled appointment for a tour.

As you walk around the facility, one of the biggest indicators of an excellent kennel is cleanliness. It will still probably smell like animal, but it will also smell clean and sanitary. The outdoor spaces should be well looked after, and there must be procedures in place when planning on taking care of dog waste.

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The ambiance is another important things to pay attention to as you tour the facility. When there is a cat area, it should be quiet, and the dog area should be quiet-ish. Dogs are far more vocal than cats, but even still, they shouldn’t be going nuts in their kennels. That kind of noise and distraction can agitate pets that already feel sensitive about being abroad.


The quantity of exercise that your pet receives will most likely directly correspond with how much you’re paying each day. Some kennels include walks, outside play, or one-on-one time or trained in their base fee, but other kennels make you purchase these separately as extra services.

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