What You Need to Know About Copper Ceiling Tiles

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The word “metal ceiling” generally brings silver metals to mind; however, today’s homeowners can broaden their decorating tastes by including new materials. A growing variety of metal ceilings constructed today use copper-finished or real copper ceiling tiles, which take several unique advantages. Let’s take a closer check out copper and copper-finished ceiling tiles and exactly how they profit your home.


Among the features of copper ceiling tiles is the visual value they increase any room. Like other tiles, copper ceilings come in a number of patterns, including daisies, autumn leaves, Aztec suns, and three-dimensional geometric designs. Why is these tiles stick out over other metal tiles is the gleaming burnished gold color. The rustic exterior draws the eye to your ceiling and guests remember its beauty long after they’ve transformed attention elsewhere. Also, this adds to your home’s value if you’re considering selling.

Financial Advantages

Many homeowners don’t consider metal ceilings, especially colored metals like copper, because they get worried it will be too expensive. In reality, you don’t already have to use sound copper tiles to enjoy a copper ceiling. You should use lightweight and transportable options such as copper-finished metal or tin ceiling tiles, which make them easy and cheap to mount. Such tiles can be cut using metal shears and glued to match over any existing ceiling, helping you save money on assembly items. Because tin doesn’t rust or show its age just as much as other comparable metals, you’ll save the amount of money it could take to displace the tiles as well.

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Environmental Friendliness

One of the primary draws of any metal ceiling, including copper, is environmental friendliness. Metal is an all natural and renewable resource that doesn’t break down easily; therefore, it doesn’t need to be disposed of as quickly as wood or vinyl and won’t sit in landfills disrupting the environment. Copper withstands heavy precipitation and lightning well, protecting your home from damaging environmental factors. Finally, due to strength and imperviousness of the materials, metal ceilings protect your home from insects that may in any other case get inside and destroy your furniture. Over time, this saves your money and will keep you from needing exterminators who might use environmentally unsafe chemicals to eliminate the insects in your house.

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